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To simply travel is not a privilege. Most do it out of a need for work. Others do it because they can't sit still. There is not a lot of freedom in these forms of travel, so perhaps a distinction between travel and touring needs to be made. Touring is a privilege but it is also a necessity. We stagnate without it. We do stupid things like believe what our Tee Vees tell us. Our shells harden. We become insulated in our own mind bubble of The Familiar.

Touring can come in many different forms but the one with the most potential for spontaneity is The Road Trip. On the surface, this site is documentation of a road trip, one in which two people (consisting of as many characters as we can make up scenarios for) transverse this big, wonderful country of ours, looking for adventure. As a convenient bi-product of the nature of The Road Trip, we will hopefully encounter glimpses of the illusive orb that America claims so many rights over, Freedom.

Since America seems to be so intent on injecting freedom into countries it deems lacking of liberty, and since this Freedom Application © process requires such human-slaughtering violence, I happen to be a little curious as to what exactly it is and under which WalMart it lies.

Most likely, I'll just be face to rock with how ironic the concept of "progress" is.


Disclaimer: this site was created by a redneck with a computer. Beware of bad composition, grammar, and content. if you require a more professional site, then you're a jerk and nobody likes you.


Episode One: Chicago

In the continuing debate of man/technology versus animal/nature, I could not think of a better send off location than a huge city like Chicago. All of man's "achievements" crammed together in one high-energy, beautifully disgusting man and machine pit. Today we go riding bikes in the park and visiting the attractions. The finest of human architecture, art and landscape all available for the pointing and gawking. Then, five days of city saturation later, we roll out of Big Fester into the most barren and beautiful countryside I will probably ever have seen, the BadLands. Let's see what Chi town does to us first. Freedom Size me!

Episode Two: Everything else so far (8-8-04)

We left Chicago a week ago. The first five nights we camped out in the Black Hills and Big Horn National Forests. Friday we got a cheap hotel room in Thermopolis, home of just another crappy hot spring that you either can't get in or you have to pay to sit in a man-made pool. You'll see from the pictures that after we got the car stuck, we needed hot water badly. The Dr. Bonners wash off in a Big Horn stream made my whole body one size smaller for three days. Jacob's Fork ain't got nothin' on snow melt.

We are in Jackson Hole, Wyoming today. After passing one authentic gew-gaw shack and nick nack rack after another for 2000 miles, this town is just a bigger version of the same, with plenty of gawk-and-view potential. We are getting the fizzuck out of Dizzodge after I load this to the Voodoo net. We haven't had much time to write. Picture manipulation for web viewing takes time. They tell a pretty good story on their own. Expect more once we get to Eugene on Tuesday. We'll have some chill time there.

Murdo has a book named after him at the Gawk-and-View station. It's called Moho Wat the Sheepeater Boy Attempts a Rescue.

We have been coming up with crude witticisms on our car rides. I can't think of any right now except: You're the reason I hate you.


Episode Three: Murdo's Manifestificationization (part I)

Episode Four: Non-creative list of transpired events and reckognings

Episode Five: Jaffa Blaffa's technology musings



One - Chicago, Badlands, Black Hills, Big Horn
Two - Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Lo-Fi Movies (updated)
Three - Eugene, Arif's House, Nightlife, Portland, West Coast, Hwy. 101
Four - The long lives and quick deaths of trees, and the creatures that live beneath them (A picture story)



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